What is a backplane slot

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VPX backplanes are avaiable in VITA 46 / 65 / 66 / 67 in both 0.8” & 1" pitch size slot versions. Connectors J3 thru J6 are free for customer I/O wiring.

Backplane. The backplane is a printed circuit board containing connections (slots) for expansion boards and allows for communication between all connected boards. An example of a backplane used with earlier computers was the NLX form factor, which had connections for expansion cards and a motherboard. What is BACKPLANE? WHat does BACKPLANE mean ... - YouTube In addition, there are bus expansion cables which will extend a computer bus to an external backplane, usually located in an enclosure, to provide more or different slots than the host computer ... What is Backplane? - Definition from Techopedia

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1756 ControlLogix Chassis Specifications - Literature Library The chassis are designed for only horizontal back-panel mounting. Place any module into any slot. The backplane provides a high-speed communication path  ... CM Computer | ATR Backplanes

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Insert the card into the connector on the I/O backplane ensuring that the metal tab engages the slot on the top edge of the shroud for the power supplies. ...

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Backplanes. Hartmann Electronic is THE Expert in backplane technology. For over 35 years, our team of experts have demonstrated expertise in creating sophisticated solutions for the most demanding applications. Expansion Backplane, 5 PCIe x16 slots (457 ... The OSS target backplane supports a PCIe Gen3 target cable adapter installed in the OSS target slot and up to five PCIe x16 expansion cards installed in the expansion slots. Slots are backward compatible and support Gen1 and Gen2 cards. OSS target backplanes only support OSS target adapters installed the target slot of the backplane. Backplane VME-J1 | Backplanes - wiener-d.com The backplane is actively terminated and provides automatic daisy chain either actively or mechanically (in connector, on request). The extended power layers and special current rails permit highest power distribution. The 21 slot monolithic J1 backplane has more than 150A current capability on 5V, which corresponds to 7.5A per slot (at 70°C). 'Basic Design Considerations for Backplanes' - TI.com