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For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question You can buy casino coins from either the vendors in the choboco race area or 11 Feb 2012 - 7 min - Uploaded by JRPGgamerNOTE:4 #15 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) - 6 years, resort world sentosa casino map 5 months ago Well then congrats ^^ Yes, theres a trophy for earning ... Serendipity Slot Machine Tips - Square Enix Forums If you want to win the Lucky Coin Fragment and the Serendipitious Achievement, do this: 1. The machine must be in "on fire" or "hot like summers day" condition so that you'll have a higher chance to get the jackpot. Talk to the lady standing near the machine to know the machine's condition. 2. Buy coins, 5000 is enough 3. Tape the L1 button so that the machine will autoplay while you do stuff ... having trouble with the 'lucky coin' fragment (spoiler ... I've been going for the lucky coin fragment, but I've hit a snag. I am positively sure I've gained more than 10k casino coins during slot machine play, however I've not yet received the lucky coin fragment.-*spoiler warning*- Slots Guide Final Fantasy Xiii 2 Slots Guide Final Fantasy Xiii 2. slots guide final fantasy xiii 2 Ff13-2 fragment skills6 Apr 2012 .. Slots - Final Fantasy XIII-2: When you play slots, there is six symbols: There is .. (Lucky Coin) you can win if you win over vincere slot machine final fantasy xiii 2 7 777 casino coins only.ffxiii-2 serendipity fragments.

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Any trick to slots to earn 7,777 coins easily? - Final ... For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Any trick to slots to earn 7,777 coins easily?". Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations Guide - Defragmented Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations Guide – Defragmented. You can refer to our FF13-2 Paradox Endings Guide for more! Serendipity Casino You can earn five fragments in casino ‘Serendipity’. There is one fragment in the open by the Chocobo Racing Tent, rest can be bought. Once you have ‘Chaos Crystal’ fragment,... Serendipity (Final Fantasy XIII-2) | Final Fantasy Wiki ... Serendipity is a location in Final Fantasy XIII-2, labeled as the legendary Palace of Pleasure though it was never completed. Serendipity exists within the Void Beyond and is said to have been molded from nothing more substantial than hopes, dreams, and passions. It is a massive casino city that...

Ff13 2 Where to Buy Casino Coins. Dr. Jeffrey Slaney Williams 11y+ exp5 Dec 2015 .. The most important changes in this release are: moved to latest Qt 5.5 release; integration of live data through a new public CasinoCoin REST ..

Related: final fantasy xiii-2 xbox 360 final fantasy xiii-2 guide lightning returns final fantasy xiii-2 ps3 final fantasy xiii lightning returns final fantasy xiii-2 sealed final fantasy xiii-2 collector's edition final fantasy xiii lightning returns ps3 final fantasy xiii-2 xbox star ocean last hope lightning returns ps3 dead space Quick 'Lucky Coin' fragment + quick bestiary SOLVED ... quick question, is lucky coin fragment obtainable only from the slots or it counts to whole casino? cuz yesterday i obtanined 'Serendipitous' (FINALLY!) at Chocobo Races and i thought both achievement and fragment are connected with each other but it looks like it was my mistake. am i right?